This 4 week online group program will help new parents increase their intuitive knowing around what their baby needs, wants and desires. Pre and Perinatal Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience support what we already know and feel to be true in our own bodies. Babies have developmental needs that are important for us to recognize and respond to, in order for them to feel safe in the world. They are conscious beings who inherently know what they need to thrive and be happy.

Overwhelmingly, our society does not recognize baby’s intelligent knowing.

Friends, family and care providers, often give us confusing and contradictory advice. They may have raised their children differently that how we want to do it. There is no Right or Wrong way to parent, but it is important to understand how you FEEL about the choices you make.

When we are received, welcomed and heard, we feel met, understood and loved for who we truly are. This is the gift of connection. Understanding our baby’s needs, wants and desires helps us build the foundation for a mutually loving relationship.

Infant Cues and Communication is a 4-week online group program that includes:

  • A downloadable workbook.
  • A Private Facebook Group for support and a safe space to share your insights and challenges.
  • Four-60 minute Zoom calls (and access to the recordings):

1st week

Caring for Self: Welcome, support, how to be present for yourself and others.  The 8 Guiding Principles of Loving Relationship.


2nd week

Emotional Awareness:  Emotions and how it impacts the mom/baby relationship.  Understanding Co-regulation versus self-soothing and why it matters.


3rd week

Tools for healthy connection: Grounding and Centering exercises to bring us back into our Blueprint (state of calm, compassion, clarity).  Exploring how our babies respond to us when we are in Blueprint versus our Imprints.


4th week

Talking to our babies:  The gift of accurate reflection—when our babies feel seen, heard, welcomed and understood, they feel safe.  Feeling safe is integral to embodying who we truly are with confidence and joy.

Infant Cues and Communication Group Program is Offered Quarterly