Pregnancy is a sacred and magical time. This new soul has chosen to come into the world with you as their guide and protector. There are many influences on this new little one as they grow and mature through pregnancy.

What do you want to learn about your new baby?

What do you already know?

Pregnancy Dialogues Group Program is a 6 week online group program for new expectant mothers who want a deeper connection with their baby during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Improved communication to and from your baby helps both of you feel heard, understood and safe. When we feel safe, the challenges of birth and breastfeeding lessen and bring in more ease.

Tuning into your baby early in pregnancy can attune you to their unique needs, wants and desires. Communication with your baby during pregnancy also helps your baby get to know you better too. Understanding each other prenatally translates into less anxiety and worry for both you and baby. Pregnancy Dialogues creates a deep prenatal bond that is known to decrease the incidence of “baby blues” as well as decreased infant crying time, allowing for improved sleep and less distress.

Your confidence as a new parent grows with improved communication. Your baby will feel held, heard and safely supported–And you will feel like a momma with super powers!!

This course may touch into your own challenges from your prenatal, birth and newborn time. This is critical information to understand so that you will be able to differentiate what happened to you as a little one versus what you want instead for your baby.

The Pregnancy Dialogues Group Program includes:

  1. A downloadable Workbook.
  2. 6 weekly one hour group Zoom calls (and access to the recordings):
  • Welcome, setting intention for this time together and introducing the 8 principles to live by for deeper connection with your baby.
  • Talking and listening to baby during birth and beyond.
  • Emotions in motion: Understanding why it is so important to understand and name your emotions
  • How you were parented and why it matters!
  • Deep dive into naming your support team for parenting
  • Mind, Body and Soul Nourishment for you and baby—what does that look like?
  1. One individual private session with Susan to explore any challenges that comes up during the group sessions.
  2. Private Facebook Group to share your learning together, build connection and receive support.

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